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Hay muchos caminos que tomamos en la vida. Algunos son fáciles y otros son difíciles. Hay montañas y valles y mucha alegría y dolor.

Es con eso en mente que estoy tomando un viaje simbólico de amor y apoyo para mi papá, Dennis, 

In honor of Dennis and everyone who has Alzheimer's.  On Father's Day - JUNE 19th - I will journey (WALKING) from my home to my father's.  It is an 18.5 mile walk on sidewalks through many communities - Twinsburg, Solon, Woodmere, Orange, Beachwood, University Hts. and Cleveland Hts. OHIO.

As I walk, I plan to have fun, play music, sweat, smile, cry and spend time with friends and family along the way. Some of this will be live streamed on Facebook Live and other places.    

I don't expect anyone to walk 18.5 miles with me, except my God who is always with me.  But I would LOVE for you to join me - for a block, a mile or a few miles, PLEASE DO!  

Feel free to share this event with others, encourage them to walk with me and bring me a cash or check donation!  Also, I will take VENMO!! 

Please donate to this worthy cause.  Raising money for Alzheimer's Association proporciona grandes recursos a aquellos que tienen Alzheimer's y los que los cuidan. Alzheimer's a disease without a cure. Those who have it feel like they are in the dark and alone.  Help me to shine a light on the LONGEST DAY - THE DAY WITH THE MOST LIGHT -- is the DAY WE FIGHT! 



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