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Sábado, junio 3 

6: 30PM a 10: 30PM

Barrio Star 

2706 5th Ave.

San Diego, CA 92103





Alzheimer's is nasty. It destroys our memory. It causes us to forget who we are. It convinced my grandfather the Nazi's were coming through the windows – 50 years after the war. It’s a disease, and there is no cure. However, …

¿Sabía usted qué…?

Watching sports is exercise for the brain? And that exercising the brain is an excellent way to reduce the risk of brain disease later in life?

 "According to a 2008 study from the University of Chicago, scientists discovered that watching a sporting event is a workout for your brain. In the study, a dozen pro- and college-level hockey players, eight hockey fans, and nine people who had never seen or played the sport were asked to listen to a broadcast of a hockey game while a machine recorded their brain function. Afterward, they were each given a test to analyze their comprehension. Results show that athletes and sports fans not only understood the game much better than their counterparts but also experienced brain activity in motor areas associated with planning, controlling, and performing." 

This suggests that spectator sports are good for brain health!

And with that, we have our 2023 Longest Day event – we will be watching the San Diego Padres spank the Chicago Cubs on Saturday, June 3 @ 7PM.

For this event, we will meet at Barrio Star to watch the game. Barrio Star is a modern Mexican Soul Food restaurant and bar located between Banker's Hill and Hillcrest.

We recommend between 6:30PM and 7PM.

Anytime a pitcher, from either team, walks a batter, you donate $10

Pitchers who forget how to pitch end up walking batters. To help find a cure for these missteps, we will be donating $10 each time that happens.

Since Alzheimer's doesn’t discriminate, neither do we. Hence, it doesn’t matter if the Padres pitcher walks a batter or if the other team's pitcher walks a batter, we will donate the $10 all the same.

We will have a bucket that we carry around, so bring your cash!

(For reference, at time of writing, the median walks per game was 3.4)


Donations will be accepted via cash, check, or the internets. Click the link to donate quickly. All proceeds raised benefit the Alzheimer's Association San Diego/Imperial Chapter.

Please share the event with friends. All are encouraged to attend.

The dress code is as you see fit. I would encourage Padres gear. Cubs gear may be accepted, but you may end up watching from the window.

Thank you to everyone for supporting such a cause. The largest TLD event in San Diego raised over $11,000 last year. Let's blow that out of the water! Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Please be so kind as to send RSVPs to Anja Nickolenko at anja.nickolenko@edwardjones.com or call (760) 599-5810.


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